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Threads not carrying over to new component from body

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Threads not carrying over to new component from body

Hi there, this appears to be something that had popped up after a recent update so I'm not sure if it's actually intended or not.


I've recently been having an issue where threads that pass between multiple bodies aren't saved when said bodies are converted to components and exported/saved locally. For instance, here I have two 10mm plates on top of one another, they are separate bodies but the same component. If I use the hole command, I can make an M4 threaded hole 15mm deep that passes through the top plate and terminates in the bottom one. However, if I then convert these bodies to components, the thread information is visibly still there, but if I click "Save copy as" it gets lost.


Threading the two bodiesThreading the two bodiesThe threads look like soThe threads look like soWhen I convert to a component, the threads are still as intendedWhen I convert to a component, the threads are still as intendedIf I "Save copy as" the component, the threads are lostIf I "Save copy as" the component, the threads are lost

Now my current workaround for this is to make the parts components before adding the threads and then using the same points with the hole command twice (as you can't pattern across multiple components in one operation). This sort of works but it's far easier for me model everything in when both parts are still bodies in the same component. This is largely because the parts I make often have hundreds of holes along patterns that are driven by sketches and geometry, which seems to fair better when not dealing with multiple components.


The fact that the thread is still visible in the model and simply not exported leads me to believe this isn't supposed to be happening?

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@Alex_Banks , Hi,


Thank you for contacting Autodesk community forum.
My sincere apologies for inconvenience you are getting. I am reproducing the reported issue in Fusion 360 Version 2.0.6670 that when we 'Save Copy as' the component, it is missing thread feature.


I have escalated this issue to Fusion development team. If there are any updates on this issue I will let you know.


Autodesk Global Product Support
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in reply to: avinash.patilRTX4R

the last I saw of this thread was in 2019, its now well into 2021 was there an answer to this issue? I am experiencing this now as well. 


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in reply to: Alex_Banks


I am experiencing this as well.

I regularly pull specific parts from various assemblies to start the CAM work. I run a prototyping lab and sometimes it's far easier to just copy-paste some components, say to set up several of them to be cut in a plasma cutter or mill. That way I have just the components I need, easily referenced, and not 6 huge assemblies to filter through. 

When I copy the component, paste as new to a new project, the threads don't carry. 

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in reply to: mjrudisill.ii

Sorry , nothing yet, I have tried several methods and even when they do carry over to a printable file type they don't print.
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Can we get an update on this? I'm having issues now as well. Version 2.0.11405 here
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in reply to: Alex_Banks

Any update? This is still presenting as an issue. 
Is there any way to get F360 to "recognize features" and re-build the component with the holes recognized? (or more simply just have those holes transfer) 
What I am having to do now (not realizing the holes wouldn't transfer) is to create all of the drawings for each part from the assembly and save those as pdf's and then do all of the cam work after I save copies of each component (as managing the manufacture side with 40 machined components + all of the purchased components to make the assembly complete was being a nightmare) 

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