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Thermal simulation of peltier element in fusion 360

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Thermal simulation of peltier element in fusion 360


I am working a two staged cooling solution for a sensor using pelters elements in a vacuum chamber. (See TestSetup 1)

Peltiers elements or Thermal Electric Coolers (TEC) are devices that heat on one side and cool on the other when an electrical current pass through it.

In order to simulate the setup, I have applied a internal heat load corresponding of the electrical power of the Peltier in addition of the heat transfert from one side to another (ie 70W in my case for each Peltier)

Also I have added an applied temperature to the cool side of the first Peltier (-50°C in my case, that is what I want to obtain but I cannot for now)

And finally I have put a radiation load on all the surfaces.

I have done all that but it doesn't seem right (See TestSetup 2), I was wondering if you had more informations on how to simulate Peltiers elements. Is there a way to insert pelters elements and their characteristics ?

Any help would be very helpful, thanks.


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