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Thermal simulation contact manager

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Thermal simulation contact manager



I have a question about managing contacts in a thermal simulation. I am trying to simulate a cooling of a small indoor electronic unit, however the geometry is quite complicated. There are multiple PCB boards, coolers with thermal pads and air filled cavities all enclosed in plastic and glass body. 


In an attempt to do 'precise' cooling simulation, I filled the air cavities with air bodies and then ran automatic contacts. It created around 3000 contacts. This is where my problems begin: I need to set the thermal conductance of these contacts to the expected values of alpha (around 20 W/m2K) because overwise the transfer of heat through the air is unrealistically high. In the same time, I need to keep the solid contacts unmodified. 


Is there a way to modify the contacts other than one by one? (selecting each single one, clicking edit and entering value of thermal conductance)

Is there a way so that the contact manager does not reset to default view after each modification? (because once I modify one contact, it resets to "List by contact sets" instead of "list by bodies", which is terrible, because i cannot orient in 3000 long list of contacts) 

Or, better yet, to set this thermal conductance to all contacts regarding certain body at once. That would greatly simplify the effort


If contacts are stored in some file, I am quite good at scripting and can write a modification script. But I have not been able to find those. 


all help is appreciated, because I estimate that editing them manually would require dozens of hours of labour.


With kind regards, 


Tomas Radnic





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