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The software no more find a closed contour

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The software no more find a closed contour

I am not a beginner and generally ther is no problem at this level.


Here is a very simple document.

In is impossible for the sofware to find a closed contour !

There is no particular things is this schematics.


Were is the utility tool used to understand were is a mistake ??


Is is possible there is a bug in the latest version.


The file is in the following path:     Compteur / Piece

It is impossible to drag the file on this messages.





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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


When you Edit Sketch do you have Show Profile active?

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I don't know what caused the problem.
The file was corrupted. I deleted it and re-create the same file and now it
is ok.

I will give you my general point of view:
*" the more you modify the software, the more windows bugs there are !! "*

The pc accepts less and less of this software, the original software had
no bugs.
Everything causes problems: as an example when I try to use the
software to copy a part of the screen, the window of this software cannot
live together with your software.
I can notice a lot of such problems...

Best regards,

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