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teams is showing up but not my profile alone

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teams is showing up but not my profile alone

Today I was using the program normally, until I ended up accidentally entering the tab of a group that I had created months ago.

the problem with this is that I can't go back to my profile anymore, just the group profile, so I would like some help with that, because I can't find any tutorials anywhere to go back to my normal account, and I would also like to delete this one group, since there is only me in it and it is inactive


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in reply to: rafaelventurad

Hi @rafaelventurad,


Please upload some screenshots and or videos to describe what you mean.

Because I don't understand your question.

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Marco Takx
CAM Consultant

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well, in short, I have saved cloud files, but I changed something that they don't appear anymore, and I started to see my team's projects, something that I didn't see before, so I think that somehow I changed how the projects are visualized, I don't know.


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