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Sweep not following path

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Sweep not following path



I'm trying to add some ribs along a part but Fusion doesn't want to closely follow the path I've selected.

Demo Full Pic.PNG

The left side of the part has worked but on the right side the same work flow doesn't have the same result.

Demo Pattern on Path.PNG

I've used pattern along path to create the multiple rips but each instance gets further and further away from the path.

Demo Zoom Pic.PNG

Upon further investigation the sweep I used to create the first rib seems to be the culprit, the path intersects with the profile I've used but the sweep just doesn't follow the path very closely and so with each patterned instance the error accumulates.

Demo Left Pic.PNG

After looking closely it turns out the left ones are problematic too, the ribs overhang the front edge by 0.001mm. This isn't a precision part at all so I'm completely fine with that but for future reference what mistake am I making?


I've attached the design, the component in question is "Top" and the sketches are "Path", "Left Profile", and "Right Profile".


I'd also like to add I've been experiencing a problem where if I intersect a body to a sketch, delete one of the lines, then later decide I need that line back I can't intersect just that face or the whole body again I need to clear the sketch and intersect the body again. It's a very intermittent bug that I've only experienced with this design and I don't know exactly what steps to take to reproduce it which is why i haven't reported it as a bug yet.


Thanks for any help,



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