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Support Request: Provide way to reorder user parameters

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Support Request: Provide way to reorder user parameters

Please provide a way to modify the order of User Parameters.

My preference, drag and drop to move a give parameter up or down in the list.


You don't always know all the parameters you will need and sometimes when you figure that out (and the list is long), you really want to move the new one to be placed with the other ones that it's associated with. The current list is sorted in order of creation (which is usually OK except perhaps when you want to add some later).

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in reply to: ripberger

This probably overlaps some with one of your other requests, but again, I agree that this is a needed capability in the Parameters dialog.  We do have this one on our roadmap, but don't have an expected timeframe.  Thanks again for the useful input.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: ripberger

I have seen a large number of "archived" requests for this feature in the forums dating back to *at least* 2017.


As a software engineer myself, I'd be really, really surprised if making parameters sortable or searchable was really difficult, given how well Fusion works in general. I can't imagine that your engineers have coupled the visual ordering of parameters in a list view to their actual implementation, that seems totally insane.


It actually becomes a major time suck trying to find parameters in a large list of them. I have a simple cabinet design with no moving parts and already have about 30 parameters and I can't imagine designing complex assemblies with moving parts and trying to stay sane with this.


You guys have said for (at least!) half a decade now that it's on your road map. There is obviously overwhelming support for it, just search your own forum, this request has been made over and over. Please consider prioritizing this kind of feature, the quality of life for users would just go through the roof.


Also, its really important to note that many of these requests are from people who have just started using the software - that is to say, this is a major pain point that affects every tier of user across your user base, not some just advanced users using a niche/fairly less-commonly-used feature. Thats why this issue should be prioritized, I would bet that nearly every single one of your users who are doing parametric design processes wants this.

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I agree. This should be a simple thing to implement (I'm a software industry veteran, so I know what I'm talking about). Unless the "show the user parameters" functionality was implemented really poorly, this should be a matter of a few hours' max work.

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in reply to: ripberger

Another vote for this. I might over use them, personally, but it gets unwieldy. 

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in reply to: jamieInCLT

Forget about it... Maybe is just "too difficult" for Autodesk developers to achieve this... just like the window focus issue requested from a looooooong time

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in reply to: ripberger

Everyone reading this post should give a "Like" to the original post, so Autodesk can note it down the importance of this implementation.

Let's try to be respectful and hope for the best.👍🏻


Please click on Accept Solution so other community members can see how to solve the issue.
Also, consider giving a Like to the comments that you feel helped you.

Best regards,
Level  sutherland-

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in reply to: ripberger

I'm building complicated designs that I want to provide to users in workshops who will design speaker cabinets (as one example).

With so many variables I miss ones and add them later and it makes it HORRIBLE to keep track of the different types of entries I have made. I would go further than only adding a "re-order" option and enable sections/subsections to be created within the User parameters Section to nest entries ...even just one level visually.

Eg: Material Types, User Design Variable entries, Main Component values (eg Speaker driver Vol, Working background calculations, Primary Outputs (Port Vol, Cabinet Vol)

 The inability to rearrange these inhibits design efficiency and is self-compounding!

 That you can have such amazing "AI" that determines what I'm typing for an equation similar to previous ones... yet miss such a simple and powerful layout opportunity is kind of weird... but also not given the resistance to some user requests!

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in reply to: mgrob.hobbies

Hi Autodesk,

I opened this request some time ago. I keep getting emails from this forum for updates indicating there are many others who also want this function. I feel like:


- I should get a prize for a very popular request.

- I should have a control to turn off feed back for this one post so I can stop getting SPAMMED by this forum for this post without ignoring other information.

- That it would be really nice if you some how indicated that this request has been accepted for a future release and give a potential target for it's deployment.




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in reply to: ripberger

For what it's worth I noticed this week that this feature already exists in
the app. Kudos to the Autodesk team on responding to user feedback on this
(even if a little slowly) because it immediately made my work easier and
faster. HUGE quality of life improvement.
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I can't see it - can you please explain how it works in steps? You will be a very popular individual if you have found a way! 🙂

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Simply open the parameters menu. There are now column sorts at the top of
each column. If you dont see them, then I would imagine that the feature is
still being a/b tested and not all users have it yet... You'll prob get it
soon, if not.
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in reply to: layton.r.miller

Well I'm hoping this is fixed, but I tried to open the Change Parameters window and the window is not opening so I can't tell.

I found an Autodesk article on how to fix this problem,


So far no luck. Ran Windows Repair, System File Check. Downloaded pending Fusion 360 update. Closed Fusion 360. Rebooted. Deleted %localappdata%\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360 folder. Restarted program. Still not working. Tried ALT+SPACE+M - mouse turns to "Arrows", but moving it around does not bring the window into view. If support sees this, please advise (or I will eventually open another problem).

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in reply to: ripberger

Ok - I got my parameter's window back: Task Bar / Right Click / Cascade windows.


I'm on version

Fusion 360 2.0.15509 x86_64


Don't see any column sort options yet.



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in reply to: ripberger

see the video below, showing sorting user parameters by name or by value

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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this is filtering yes?


I think it’s helpful but not what is being requested which is the capacity to permanently sequence them in an order described by the user not a filter sequence.  In my case I’m hopeful of a n addition to allow sub sections so users of my files can control their design changes more easily 

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in reply to: ripberger

this is sorting, at least by my understanding of the term "sorting".  That is, changing the order of a list.  "Filtering" to me means producing a subset of the parameters (which you can now do as well).  "sub sections"/grouping, etc, at least to me, is a different requirement.  No, there is no grouping mechanism in user parameters.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: ripberger

I  guess the OP wanted a personal order, not a sort by any of the available columns.

A workaround would be using the comment column (which is sortable), prefixing with an index value.




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in reply to: jeff_strater

As already mentioned by others, sorting is not what I asked for. As already mentioned by others, you can use prefixes on variable names or comments as a workaround to make sorting give you the order you want.


I'm going to let you off the hook and accept this solution, but given the time it took for you to get around to doing something, perhaps "more was expected".


Thanks for considering my request and providing the solution you did. I still give you guys kudo's for monitoring this forum and responding in a very timely fashion. 

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in reply to: ripberger

I just want to add a small request. Being able to sort parameters is a huge help. It doesn't allow grouping or manual ordering, but is does help.


However, I have to reapply the sort every time I reopen the parameters dialog. And because the dialog is modal I have to close and reopen it constantly.


Please remember the sort order for the parameters and use the previously stored order when i open the dialog.

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