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Students can no longer open a shared project folder.

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Students can no longer open a shared project folder.

My students have been using Fusion 360 (education license- version 2.0.17954x86_64, windows 11) for 5 months and they have been using a shared project folder to save their assignments with no problems. About a week ago this started: they can still see the shared folder, but can no longer open the shared project folder when they click on it. The folder permissions has them set as "editor" in my teacher account on the online Autodesk website. Students can still use Fusion 360 and can still save and find their files in "my recent data", but this is not a good for me as a teacher because I cannot see those files.  Also, when I log in to the STUDENT computers with my account, I cannot open the shared class project folders either. I can only open the shared class project folders on my teacher laptop which is a different model windows computer. What is happening? How can this be fixed?
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@aandroski We believe the Fusion version that you of you are on is causing this confusion. The latest version Fusion is on 2.0.18460. Would it be possible to update your machine and your lab machines to this version? 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
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I will refer this to our IT department and try to get the updates done for Fusion 360. They are currently running 2.0.17954

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