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Strange things are happening

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Strange things are happening

I am seeing unexplained patterns that almost look like they were leftover from changes except they are nothing at all like any part to my designs. I have a background in programing from many years back, when AI was mostly just a dream. If I didn't know better, I would say what is happening is the work of AI in some way, for some reason. Thing is, I don't know better because I do not program any longer since 1990 or so. There are a lot of curves and super narrow strings that seeming were created at random, with all kinds of shapes to them. Like I said, nothing I was doing at all can explain what I see. Question -- Is Autodesk into AI now? I really think this is about the only way to explain what I am seeing. If so, I feel sorry for Autodesk as AI can run uncontrolled and unknown by others as to what is is doing. In fact, this may be what my last post was showing with the difficulty I have been having with mouse over taking control of my screen so often. Bad Carma if it is really the cause of these unexplainable things happening now. 

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Please share the file for investigation.

File > export > save as f3d on local drive  > attach it to the post



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Logic, not  karma. 
Attach your file here and end all doubt. 

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this looks like a sketch that is being highlighted.  I assure you that no AI is involved... 🙂


But, as others said, share the design, and we can likely explain it

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: marjamar

As others have said, design files are almost always the best way to understand and debug problems. That said, this looks like there is just an angled surface intersecting a threaded hole?

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