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Strange Noises when orbiting or panning.

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Strange Noises when orbiting or panning.

I noticed sounds coming from the laptop when orbiting and panning on my laptop. Very strange as the performance doesn't seem to be affected. No other program, game, etc. ever does that. I tried playing around with the settings to no avail. The sound comes from the inside, somewhere on the motherboard. It's definitely not the speakers. 


My laptop is an ASUS ROG Strix g15 Advantage Edition, all AMD system, running Windows 11. It's just concerning when components that are anything other than the speakers or the fans start making noises in response to user input on a software. It seems to be a problem noticed by a few other ASUS laptops too when using Fusion 360 in particular.


I couldn't find any solutions online, help would be appreciated.

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Power components on your motherboard and graphics card (capacitors, VRMs, etc) can "sing" when the load on them alternates just right. Maybe it's that? For me, sometimes it sounds like a quiet but high pitched scratching, sometimes a lower pitched grinding. Fusion's not doing anything wrong to cause it, and unless it's quite extreme, it's nothing I'd be worried about.


The good news is that it goes away with age and by age, I mean your age. I can't really hear it anymore, but it drives my son crazy 😉



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Thank You, hope I lose my hearing soon 😂

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It does sound like coil whine from the description, which is unfortunately something our software cannot affect - it's generally down to hardware and firmware. What is your GPU? Depending on the drivers, you may be able to undervolt it and see if this helps.


Undervolting doesn't necessarily mean worse performance - depending on production run, chips are often capable of delivering the same performance with less power, allowing them to run cooler, but it's case-by-case.

Lance Carocci
Fusion QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast

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