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stock to model measurement in simulation not working for me

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stock to model measurement in simulation not working for me

I am trying to use the stock to model measurement in simulation to verify the overcutting if the contour and it is not reporting the correct value (-.005), rather it is a larger number that varies as I move the mouse across the flat contoured surface. The stock to model measurement works fine when I am not using a negative stock to leave, but when I am using a negative value to overcut the material, it is not reporting a correct value

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How about using Comparison? The green area on this electrode is -0.075mm same as I've set the Leftover Stock.HughesTooling_0-1682784212757.png


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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I presume you set the leftover stock to the negative amount you believe you are cutting to. Then play with the value to see where it turns red?


The above seems to be a work around for the "stock to model" inspection tool. Are you able to get the program to do what it is intended to do with the stock to model inspection?

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