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Static Stress simulation stuck at 30%

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Static Stress simulation stuck at 30%

I have been running some static stress simulations on some steel parts and found that the simulation always gets stuck at 30%. I have tried leaving the simulation for a few hours and tried different mesh sizes but these don't help the problem. I am not sure what else to do as these simulations were previously working.

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Welcome to the forum.  Based on THIS (second post in the thread) and other forum posts on similar problems, can you share your log files here for folks to look into this?

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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Same here...

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Hi @alex_bichkovsky,

Could you attach the log files zip when Job Status is showing 1% progress? (Help > Support and Diagnostics > Diagnostic Log Files).

Also, could you try canceling any solves solves that are stuck and re-send the job?

Hugh Henderson
QA Engineer (Fusion Simulation)

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