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🐛 Split bodies are not working properly

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🐛 Split bodies are not working properly

I sketched a rectangle.  I then sketched surrounding rectangles at the borders, and extruded, such that a single body is formed by co-incident points at each corner.  Then I used split body on the inside faces to separate the 1 body into 4.


Expected Behaviour:

The body splits into 4.


Actual Behaviour:

The body splits into 4, but one of them is hidden from the scene and cannot be viewed.


Split Body Failure SM.gif

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Please attach your model.  If you do not know how to attach your Fusion 360 model follow these easy steps. Open the model in Fusion 360, select the File menu, then Export and save as a F3D or F3Z file to your hard drive. Then use the Attachments section, of a forum post, to attach it.

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