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spiral conveyor for transport of bottles

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spiral conveyor for transport of bottles


I try to mak a part similar like the picture.

how can i create a Helix to cat out the tread pattern.

best regards     Spoenler

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in reply to: hokonRCGXZ

Very crude model to illustrate what I see as a possible process.  Using a tapered coil as a path with the sweep of a profile along it.  Model attached.


Tapered Spiral.jpg

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Can you Attach your "solution" and an example bottle here for testing of the motion?

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Hallo again


I didn’t expect to start with a task in the new year.


May wish to make a model of a conveyor spiral for the transport of bottles is not so simple.

You gave mi the way to get a Helix ( coil ) and then to cat out with a sweep the thread. But the thread changes also the deep with an angle of 2 degree. Is for me not needed.


For my model I need a change of the pitch. It starts with 150 mm for 450 mm and then it should change from 150mm to 80mm continuously. In my model I have two cylinders (red and green) those should turn around the coil and cut out the tread. In the second part the green cylinder should turn around the grey cylinder and following the coil with the continuously changing pitch. I have no solution for the continuously changing pitch.

The two cylinder are in a right angle to the xy plane not in the angle of the ( Plane along Path.) and it has to be like this. Otherwise there is collision with the cylinder who is standing on the xy plane.


Is there a possibility to make this two cylinders rotate along the grey cylinder ( on the coil)and cutting out the profile of the thread ?  I am very interested. thanks for your help.


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