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Spinning cursor

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Spinning cursor



For a couple of months or so now almost every project I open I'm greeted with a spinning circle. The strange thing is it doesn't prevent me from doing anything. I can select anything I want on a drawing, can do dimensions, extrudes, etc. It just seems that the pointer is substituted for a spinning wheel. Things seem to slow down a bit but it might be my imagination, usually when you see the spinning wheel the computer is doing something that sucks some additional resources.

I'm unable to duplicate it but some combination of save, extrude, close, open, etc. will return the pointer some times. At first I thought it was caused by importing a dxf file but that doesn't seem to be a factor.

Today I did a simple hose adapter for my shop vac, just a few circles and an extrude. I left the file open and came back about 3 hours later and it was still spinning.

Not sure if I screwed something up or is it a little hiccup in Fusion.




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I have seen similar situations.  It seems to be related, at least for me, to Data Panel operations.  Next time it happens, open the Data Panel and left click on the Refresh Icon at the top of the panel.  I am not near my computer right now but it is the one with the two circular shaped arrows.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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in reply to: jhackney1972

Good Morning John,

Thank you for the quick reply. This is really bizarre, I opened 5 projects
this morning and 4 of them had the spinning ball so went over to the refresh
icon in the data panel and as soon as I hovered of it the cursor came back.
I didn't have to click it. I closed the projects and tried again and seems
that all I have to do is move the ball anywhere into the data panel and it

Thank you for the tip and most of all thank you for all the great videos you
post. It seems that whenever I'm struggling with "how do I do this" you come
out with a video that explains "how to do it". You are a very good teacher
and I'm sure the entire community is grateful for your help.

Have a great day,


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