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Snapping, center point, end point, etc.

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Snapping, center point, end point, etc.

Hi, I am new to 360 but I know many other CAD and modeling software very well (Autocad, Revit, Rhino). I am very intrigued by fusion's capabilities HOWEVER, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn on/ off snaps such as center point, end point, etc. At first I thought perhaps it doesn't exist and (if I were to adopt this software) I would have to use a calculator to constantly discover the counterpoint the "old fashioned" way. Then I was going through a tutorial on sketching basics and the instructor mentions and shows a triangle that pops up, indicating the center. He even says haw to turn it on and off. I tried pressing command (I am on a Mac) and nothing happens. 


This seems like a great software but if I can't get it to allow effortless center point and end point snapping, it isn't really usable for my workflow. Can anyone tell me if this feature is available and if so how to use it.


Thank you,


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Sketch constraints, which you refer to as snaps, are always on within the same sketch.  If you want to snap to another sketch, you must project it into the current one.  There are occasions, which I could not readily create, where I have to hold down the Shift key to see the midpoint of a line while sketching.  I am in a Windows 10 environment but I assume MAC is the same.  Take a look at the screencast.


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in reply to: jhackney1972

Thank you very much for replying! Your video illustrates exactly the functionality that I am looking for however for some reason I only have end-points as an option, no mid point triangle. I have tried holding/ pressing shift (and all of the other keys like it) without success. I wonder if this is a bug or an oversight on the Mac version?

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in reply to: jhackney1972

It worked! I have no idea what happened but I uninstalled/ reinstalled and it works! It must have been a bug.


Thank you again for your help! Knowing that it was possible helped me get to the solution.




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Why is every person who answer questions about snapping jumps straight to the conclusion that it is related only to sketches. Is fusion 360 actually like Autocad 2D? When I tried to snap say the center point of a 3d object to say the end point of another 3d object. Am I actually tripping. 3d doesn't actually exist in fusion 360 since nobody seems to ever touch on that issue? 🤔

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@asmith.copycat wrote:

 Am I actually tripping. 3d doesn't actually exist in fusion 360 since nobody seems to ever touch on that issue? 🤔



Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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I've been doing acad since rev 10, snap has always been a simple function as long as parameters are set.
I cannot for the life of me create a point (3 plane intersect) in a model then snap to it as a reference centerpoint when creating a cylinder etc.

That opens another can of worms perhaps someone can answer, why in the world does an object being created suddenly wing off to a different place on the same plane...hard to explain, but happened last night a few times.

And align, sheesh so simple in acad, but Im finding it essentially useless in fusion - what am I missing?

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Please show your actions in a screencast. Then we can get a better picture and give you tips.

Please share the file.

File > export save as f3d on local drive > attach to post



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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

Also Attach AutoCAD *.dwg file if you have one.


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