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Slows down when an internal window is open in the program

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Slows down when an internal window is open in the program

In Windows 11, in Fusion 360, when I open a command window like extrude, or try to save the file, or try to export pdf in drawings, Fusion gets maybe one time out of five very slow. For example of you write file name in save dialog, the letters will show up after few seconds and the dialog is very slow. Sometimes this dialog also freezes and have to press esc and click another programs in task bar to wake up Fusion.

These freezes actually happens, when I have pressed "save" in windows-based save dialog and the program goes back to Fusion save dialog. After that, it freezes and when you manage to close the save dialog with esc and some other spells, the next time you try it, it works fine.


This happens not only on my work computer, but also on my home computer.

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