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Sketch with braking apart when turning.

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Sketch with braking apart when turning.

Hey everyone,


some things I can not get my head around... 



Why can't I copy a sketch and turn it? 

I can move it wherever I want, but as soon as I tilt it, it disassembles.


I now tried every single step and whats failing here is the rectangular pattern tool.

It never really joints to the other lines and therefore brakes apart.


But how can I solve this? How can I create a sketch with that pattern-tool and be able to turn it.

I otherwise have to repeat the process like 20 times. (which would have taken less time than all this experimenting..)




What am I doing wrong? Or is this just not possible?


Thank you so much in advance

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in reply to: NVNDO


White dots indicate open vectors.
In this case, this means that the "diagonal" lines have no connection to the horizontal lines.
Please upload the file for an explanation.



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in reply to: g-andresen

Hey @g-andresen, I do understand what you mean. 

The funny thing is, when I copy that sketch and add all possible measurements im no longer able to actually turn the sketch - which is really weird.


Also I can not attach the lines you mentioned. Usually one can just wiggle around with the dot until is snaps to the nearest line, but that also does not work.


I eventually just re-sketeched the sketch on all needed parts - it was a pain, but quicker that actually making this post.

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in reply to: NVNDO


Without analyzing the sketch, it is unfortunately not possible to provide any useful information.
Please share the file for reply



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in reply to: NVNDO

@NVNDO wrote:


Also I can not attach the lines you mentioned. Usually one can just wiggles around with the dot until is snaps to the nearest line, but that also does not work.


Somehow you have not completely understood geometry constraints.

I strongly recommend that you Attach any and all sketches that do not behave in the way that you expect.  In no time you will master geometry constraints with a bit of guidance.

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in reply to: NVNDO

From the movie, without the file, best guess, but too late anyhow,

Before that, what was the pattern used for, Extrude?  
Patterns in Modelling are more reliable.

Why are you not rotating the body? Or

Circular pattern the feature results?


For undefined sketches, (User decision) Fusion is allowed to play havoc, 

my best guess is that the rectangular pattern - direction selection, is still active, (horizontal) even with the rotate command handle being varied, (probably a bug). Did you select a sketch line, or Origin axis?


but other parts of the sketch are distorting simultaneously. - no complaint?


Might help….


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in reply to: NVNDO

Hey @g-andresen @TheCADWhisperer @davebYYPCU 


I have just created a file to showcase my previous senario. 

In this case I have 3 bodies and one fully constrained sketch which I'd like to copy to those other bodies.


Whenever I copy that or any other sketch into the workspace, it seems to loose all constrains. apparently...






I'm able to fix the perpendicular one, but any other constrain seems too much..





I really seem to not understand it at all. 

For me - constraining a sketch means giving all necessary measurement for it to stay in place - but if the program doesn't allow me to do so and it still does not work.. i just don't know what to do.


Here a little video:

The white dots say "not constrained" or so one would think.. but I can not tear it apart - Until I turn it.



help... 🙄  please.. 🙏


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in reply to: NVNDO

Make it a rigid group? or the equivalent of a rigid group?

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in reply to: patrick_william

The only thing I know similar to what you're suggesting is "fix" but once fixed (sketch lines turn green), the sketch is then literally fixed and you can not move or change it in any way. Very useful when geometry gets too complicated and you don't want to over-constrain the design. Unfortunately not working in this case..

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