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Sketch selection issue

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Sketch selection issue

While working with sketches in Fusion I have encountered an issue with unselecting a sketch. Not sure whether I'm doing something wrong or this is the software issue.  Sometimes when I enter a sketch edition it goes into a peculiar state, the sketch I'm editing is highlighted in blue in the browser and when trying to delete anything from the sketch the whole sketch is removed. What's more irritating when closing the sketch edition, the sketch is still highlighted and the expected context menu you get when selecting the sketch and clicking on it with RMB does appear but with limited options. I cannot unselect the sketch in any way, clicking ESC does not work. The way I'm usually resolving it is to click on different sketches and try opening their edition and at some point it works and gets back to normal. I encounter this pretty often to a point it is becoming very annoying. Any suggestions what might be the issue and how to avoid this or resolve when it happens would be very appreciated.



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I have experienced this problem also.  The problem is that the issue is hard to replicate so it can be reported to Autodesk.  To address and issue they need to have an example that will be replicated easily.   My cure for this is to edit another sketch to shift emphasis and then end that sketch edit and come back to the one giving the issue.  I am trying to come up with an example that can be replicated so I can send it to Autodesk but so far no luck.


If you can supply a file where you can replicate the issue reliably, please post it.

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To me it appears to be very random. So far I don't have a clue what's the sequence that evokes it. It does not seem to have anythink to do with the design complexity as it happened to me with a very basic and complex designs, same with sketch complexity.



I managed to recreate one case it occurs in. The steps are as follows:

1. Open a new design.

2. Create a sketch.

3. Draw something (I drew a circle).

4. Exit sketch.

5. Activate sketch edition via browser (RMB -> edit sketch).

6. Click the object drawn (the circle in my case).

7. Click delete to remove it (keybord).

8. Go straight to and click "Finish Sketch" no buttons pressed or anything clicked after clicking delete.


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