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Sketch plane flashing when trying to add a dimension

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Sketch plane flashing when trying to add a dimension

Every time I go to add a dimension to any of my drawings my sketch plane starts flashing making it extremely difficult to add dimensions. Once I select the points or line I want to dimension, I need to click rapidly about 10 times (more or less) before I'm able to enter the actual dimension. This only happens if I try to add a dimension while hovering over a part. As soon as I drag the dimension to the grid (off the part) the flashing stops and I am able to add the dimension like normal.


Has anyone experienced this before and does anyone know how to fix it? I installed an update (currently on Fusion 360 v2.0.16985) and this has been happening ever since. I tried uploading a video of the experience. I hope you can see it.


The next thing I am going to try is uninstalling and reinstalling. Any advice you can offer in advance would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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