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Sketch palette not showing

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Sketch palette not showing



I have noticed a bug where the sketch palette did not show when drawing lines, rectangles etc...

Now I found out how to reproduce it.
When I have 2 files open and are both in an active sketch, the sketch palette only shows in the sketch started last.

After I finish one of the sketches the sketch palette shows in the other opened file window.

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in reply to: lars_kooijman


did you try "Reset to default layout"?

reset to default.png




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Thank you for posting this issue.

This is known issue and we have already fixed it, currently it is going through validation process.
Very  soon we will resolve this issue.


Sameer Babar.
Autodesk Fusion 360 Team.


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in reply to: lars_kooijman

I have same proble, sketch palette is not showing.
I tried Ctrl + Alr +R with no effect on showing the palette.
I reinstalled the Fusion 360 and that did not help.

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in reply to: lars_kooijman

I am also having the same issue 😞

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Hello , @teknikHCEMT @hpollina ,
Can you please try after upgrading Fusion to the latest version as we have already fixed this issue in current production version(2.0.17954).
Let us know if you still face this issue.
Sameer Babar.
Autodesk Fusion 360 Team.


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Having the same issue. Have  Fusion version 2.0.18441 x86_64, running on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (19045.3930).

Reset to default layout did not help.

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Same issue with 2.0.18441 x86_64  - "Reset to Default Layout" does not help

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in reply to: lars_kooijman

This is not fixed. Using Fusion 2.0.18950 arm64 [Native]

I'm new to Fusion, and I'm switching from my Fusion space to my video tutorial space a lot. Browser and Sketch palette flicker, then disappear entirely each time I switch back to Fusion. At least I can use the browser toggle key trigger for that, but the Sketch palette is harder.

I've worked around it temporarily by leaving sketch mode, clicking home at the cube, then reentering sketch mode and activating a drawing plane. Not sure how this has hung on for so long (through several releases). Wish my first post hadn't turned out to be such a rant.

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