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Sketch grid not aligning to face or construction plane

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Sketch grid not aligning to face or construction plane

Hey Autodesk Community,


I'm an experienced Fusion 360 user, and would usually find a way to overcome a simple problem like this, however, after many hours of problem solving and research, I just cannot find a solution.


I'm having difficulty when creating a sketch in the Design workspace, on a construction plane or face of a body, which is offset away from the world origin point. Previously, the sketch grid would auto align to the centre of the selected plane or face (and show the centre of mass). This would allow me to draw parametric sketches in reference to this offset plane / face.


3) New sketch missing centre of mass.png


However, now the sketch grid will only align to the world origin point and not align to the specified plane or face of a body. This is quite frustrating, as I need to create sketches on offset planes and faces of my design, other than the basic XYZ world origin point. For some reason, this function worked perfectly fine a week ago, but now it cannot.


2) New sketch showing world origin.png


I'm not sure whether this is a bug in the latest version, or a setting which needs to be altered. I have attempted to tick and untick the '3D sketch' option and 'Auto look at sketch' option in preferences, but neither would work. I'm currently running this version of the software: Fusion 360 2.0.17721 x86_64


Please see attached photos of a very basic model which will hopefully explain my issue more clearly.

Thank you for the support,


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I think this is an intentional change introduced in a recent update.

The Origin is the Origin.


P for Project geometry of the face to use as reference or simply use the BORN Technique.

Attach your file here if you can’t figure it out.

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Hey The CADWhisperer,
Thanks so much for your reply. I'll have a look into the BORN technique on your YouTube channel and try using the Project geometry method.

It would be great for Autodesk to confirm this intentional change in the recent update, and whether it can be changed, as I much prefer the previous method.
I appreciate your clarification.

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@lockyondrums wrote:

It would be great for Autodesk to confirm this intentional change in the recent update


I think they didn't test it fully and it has unintended effects...

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