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sketch dimensions wont change units

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sketch dimensions wont change units

This might be sorta intentional but annoying, or simply a bug.


I am designing in mm. I now have to add a component based on a canves thats in inches. So I built the basic lines, and because it was making my life difficult, at one point I chnaged over the document to inches. Voila, now I can see some rounding errors in my design. I click on a dimension constrain on a sketch, to enter 3" instead of 2.9512", and....the text box says 74.95mm.

This dimension was created when the document was in mm, so it seems its retaining it. I can see why, but not exactly ideal. An even better approach would be if I could enter dimensions in any unit, selectable in the text box, without changing the whole document.








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You can type what ever unit that you desire in the text box. If the document is in mm, just type 3in in the text box and you will have 3" although the display will be in mm. On my computer, changing the unit settings updates the display to either unit, meaning if I typed 3" in imperial and changed to metric, the display shows 76.2 mm.

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As you can see in my Screencast, if your document is based on inches and you enter the exact equivalent dimension in millimeters, it will convert it and show inches as the sketch dimension.  If you have dimensions in millimeters and you change the document to inches, all the dimensions will switch to the equivalent inch value.  If you were not exact in your millimeter dimensions, you will see slight errors.  Keep in mind that the dimensional entry box contains a full math calculator so you can even use math formulas in it such as (2/3)*.5 and it will calculate it for you.


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You can change document units here:



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in reply to: theasylumkeeper

Yes as I stated in the original post I did that but the sketch retains its original dimensions 

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in reply to: rprovideo

[image.png]Have you also set preferences for you session in general?

You can open this dialog by clicking here:

then set units for the module you're working in.
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  1. Thanks! Was having a to imput "in" after every dimension I needed to do. 😕 

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