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Simulation turned from local to cloud

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Simulation turned from local to cloud

Hi. Just to make it clear, is it possible to simulate locally anymore?


First, they make me buy 500€ license to gain possibility to simulate and now I should buy token for more money to keep that possibility?!? Is it like this?


Explanation was to keep quality good etc. I see it to get more money.


What's the purpose of the paid license anymore then?



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@OnslowTheHermit wrote:

Hi. Just to make it clear, is it possible to simulate locally anymore?


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in reply to: OnslowTheHermit

They say though that the static simulation is still free though on the cloud. 

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in reply to: wmhazzard

Solve button is still grey..




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in reply to: OnslowTheHermit

It works for me. Can you attach your model for diagnosis?


InkedScreenshot 2022-09-12 082132.jpg

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in reply to: wmhazzard


Now it's working. I was wondering, could I've been offline at the moment for some reason..

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in reply to: OnslowTheHermit

This is an incredibly frustrating decision. I run simple static simulations on my parts all the time and this impacts me heavily. Having the option to run them on the cloud is great. You can offload it from your machine or run complex simulations on a inexpensive device. REQUIRING it to be run on the cloud, not so much. Not only do simulations run MUCH slower on the cloud than locally but if I want to run these offline or while traveling I am out of luck. 


Please reconsider this decision.

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in reply to: Levyworks

I agree - this is a terrible decision and it greatly interrupts my workflow.


When I am designing it's not unheard of to do 10-15 simple simulations in an hour to refine some critical dimension.  This is impossible on the cloud.  A minimal cloud solve solve takes 20+ minutes.  I don't want to hear "But you can do other things when it's solving," I want my results NOW so I can continue to work!



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in reply to: OnslowTheHermit

Give us the option to choose between cloud or local if we want to keep working or not...

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in reply to: OnslowTheHermit

I'm finding very frustrating on having to upload the simulations for small cases all the time is Slow and time consuming... Why cannot we use our computer power for such simulations??

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Why should we be forced to solve simulations on the cloud?? We have a simulation computer at work that is built for such things, and I'm not able to let fusion 360 use that? What's the deal Fusion team??

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Fusion is written to run on multiple Operating Systems.

My understanding is that they have found it easier to write the code for cloud solving rather than for multiple Operating Systems.  I suspect that they also need to generate revenue (as any company needs to do to stay in business).

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