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Simulation solve doesn't work consistently for identical parts

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Simulation solve doesn't work consistently for identical parts

I have a static stress simulation for a body, let's call it Body A, that's a few basic tubes joined together.  There are 4 additional pin bodies for applying force.  2 pins are fixed x/y/z, 2 pins are fixed z, and Body A is fixed z as well.

The general idea is move 2 of the pins x/y and watch the show.  It kind of works.  The safety factor and stresses are a complete joke, but if I apply comically large forces then I can get some stress gradients to show up.  Sucks that I can't really do FEA to figure out overall structural strength, but it's still useful for comparison to other similar designs ... or so I thought.

I have another part, let's call it Body B.  Body A is a save-as from Body B and then a couple tubes removed.  Body B has the copy-pasted force/constraint pins from Body A's simulation.  So basically the same part, same setup.  Went through super carefully, made sure all the simulation settings were exactly the same.

Sim runs on Body B, but no matter how much force I apply, there's no stress.  I mean like "Max: 0.00 psi" where the highest stress should be - which is interesting because it's doing some calculation in order to correctly locate the max stress riser, but there are no opposing forces, etc.

Anyways, it's a single solid body with 12 tubes.  I can't make the model any simpler.  It would just be really really nice if this one thing worked just this one time, so I can finally get a 3-year proof of concept vehicle out the door without having it completely fail on the first run, causing a spectacular crash, leaving me to bleed out in nature, alone and freezing.  Any help here is deeply appreciated.

Happy to provide additional details.  Thanks 🙂

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Any help here is deeply appreciated.
Happy to provide additional details. 


Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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