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Should the sketch not move with component? (how to stop this behavior)

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Should the sketch not move with component? (how to stop this behavior)



I am layouting and building the interior for a pelicase. 

I thought that the workflow for sketches & components etc. is like this: 

When you move the component, the bodies and sketches are moved with it as they are referencing the component space. 

When you capture the position you have the new position of the component saved. 




When I am moving a component like in this video and then going into the sketch to draw addition geometry, it snaps to the old position. Even though the component shows the sketch at the right (new ) position. 


What am I doing wrong? Am I overlooking something? 

Thank you very much for your advice! 

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in reply to: vonfinck

The sketch is moving with the component.  However, when you edit the sketch, Fusion goes back in time (before the move), so that the model is in the same state as when the sketch was created.  Is that what the concern is?  If so, the only way to "stop" this behavior is to have the component move occur in the timeline before the sketch.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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ah, I see. ****. I want to add sketched elements so that I know where the cable outlets are to help me layout the the assembly. I guess then It would be better to add a sketch when the component is at the final position to have it remain in place?

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