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Sheet Metal Bend Issue - Center and Radius

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Sheet Metal Bend Issue - Center and Radius

I am relatively new to Fusion. I am having a reoccuring issue where Fusion defaults to "start" for bend lines, I am looking to use "center". However when I switch to center it always throws errors (see attached for examples and screenshot of my model).


In one particular example I am finding that the "start" setting only bends the line I've selected. However when I switch to "center" the bend will extend throughout the body, even where the bend line does not go. I think this is the issue because the parts of the body that are getting bent are then intersecting with other areas.


Any general tips on how to use the bend "center" feature and properly use sheet metal radius settings would be great. I am using all the default settings for my material (.060" stainless) that come with Fusion already and have not customized them.

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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See attached here.


I think this has to do with the way I built it. In my head I know what I want the sheet metal cuts to look like with our manufacturer to optimize the material. So I drew a 'flat pattern' sketch and then created it with the BEND tool from there. I'm wondering if I should have built it without such a comprehensive sketch, and using the flange tool instead. 


Second, how do you place different bodies among eachother in a precise way like a sketch allows you to? One body at a certain angle against another, or centered on another etc. There are barely any snaps to use in this way body > body.


Thank you!!

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Wow! That is a lot of work in this file! I can't imagine creating such detailed Sheetmetal bodies just using the Bend tool but you clearly have the vision!



Can you explain why you have so many Bodies that are not Components? (see Rules 0,1 & 2!).


I also see in your History many many Move commands. Align (Components though) would be preferable. 

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Thank you for taking a look. I am new to Fusion and I'm sure I didn't build this in the best way, I just used my own common sense but don't know the tools well yet. I'm not super confident with how to use components vs bodies. What are rules 0, 1 and 2?


I think I should redo the entire project using the flange tool instead, as that will give me the correct corner relief I'm looking for, and avoid this issue with bend self-intersection I'm having?

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Take a look at this Blog Article and Video on the differences between using the Flange and Bend tool.

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in reply to: lisaRLQTD

I wouldn't want you to throw the baby out with the bath water! There is a lot of work worth salvaging I'm sure.


One way is to create Components now from the Sheetmetal Bodies you have and thanks to a very helpful video there is a way!



Also worth stating is "Don't use Move unless your life depends on on it!" That may be a bit dramatic but once you have a Component based environment Align (components)  will probably work better

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Because I’m having such issues converting all my bends to be “center” instead of “start” (that’s what my sheet metal laser/bend shop specifies), I’m not sure if this model will work. When I change many of the bends to be “center” it throws an error saying it is self-intersecting and the corner radius is not automatically changed properly. Seems the flanges tool navigates all this way better.


Would a better way to build this product be to not use a detailed sketch and go straight to building as bodies with flange, then convert to components, then use other shapes to cut/subtract the final shapes I want?

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in reply to: lisaRLQTD

Screenshot 2023-12-05 063453.pngI won't comment on starting over in Sheetmetal using Flange rather than Bend as I can't advise on that...But could you again save a lot of what you have here via Unfold and New Sketch creating via projection a sketch (and hence .dxf) that has centrelines?Screenshot 2023-12-05 062731.png

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