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Sharper Utilities Not Working Properly in Fusion 360

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Sharper Utilities Not Working Properly in Fusion 360

After the latest update of Fusion 360, I am experiencing problems with the Sharper Utilities Plug-In that allows to create SVGs of parts. The Sharper Plug In will create an SVG, but regardless of the input type, the SVG will either come out empty or only show the side profile (thickness) of the part. Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this? I attached some images for examples of what is going on.

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Why not use "Select Face"?

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

 I have, and it still doesn't work. I originally tried ALL input options in the advanced settings on the tool. 


I believe I just found a temporary solution though.  As of right now the sharper tool only projects the front view in the SVG, so I just rotated each part and it seems to work for now

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