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Server Verification Warning

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Server Verification Warning

I get this a lot when Fusion 360 has been sitting idle in the background for a long time, and perhaps my Mac has lost and regained its internet connection. Usually, clicking one of the buttons dismisses it, sometimes after two or three attempts (it redisplays the alert).


But just now I took a look at my long-idle Fusion 360, and it took a long time to become responsive (SPOD cursor for a couple minutes). Eventually it did, and I was able to do a couple things (I was answering an Autodesk survey). I went back to what I was doing, and just now Fusion 360 threw up the alert.

But now, no matter which button(s) I click, no matter how many times, it just throws up the alert again.

My internet connection is stable. But it displays this alert, in general, far too frequently. I suspect another error is causing this.

MacBook Pro, PCNC1100 Series 3, Slant-PRO 15L Lathe, Custom AvidCNC-based 4x9' CNC Router w/24k 4.5 kW HSD Spindle & Teknic SDSK Servos

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