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Server Verification Warning problem - how to solve it??

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Server Verification Warning problem - how to solve it??



Hi everyone,

Before creating this post I looked all of solutions for this problem in this forum.

I am using Windows 10 x64 operation system. Yesterday I faced with this problem and I can't know how to solve it.

I have no problem with Sign In you can see it in attached photos. All problem starting after Sign In process. After these two messages, the application closes. I can't do something.


1. I don't use a proxy.
2. I only use the ESET Internet Security firewall and checked the logs, everything is clear, I did not detect the blocking of the Internet connection by the firewall.
3. 3 times I reinstalled the Fusion 360 clearly.
4. I tried to delete the NMachineSpecificOptions.xml and LoginState.xml files.


All these actions did not provide a solution for my problem.

Analyzes of the WebServices.log file did not give any results there everything is clean. I can send it to you.


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