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Serious problems with searching for User Parameters!

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Serious problems with searching for User Parameters!



I've been having a serious issue when using the recently released parameter search feature. I love this feature, it has been long overdue, but there is a major bug that is limiting the functionality of the search feature. Whenever I type something out and make even the smallest mistake, pressing the backspace button freezes the program for a solid 2 minutes or more. If I can catch myself in time, it is far more efficient to close the parameter menu, open it again and type out what I want correctly. Can you guys please look into this feature and try to optimize it more?


Thank you very much,

A Passionate Fusion360 User

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I  am not able to reproduce this issue on a simple design.  Can you record a video of what you see and share the model where you are seeing it?  Perhaps it has to do with the number of parameters, etc in that design.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Hey @jeff_strater,


Thank you for the quick response! I do believe the number of parameters has a huge impact on this function.

I've attached a video of what we are experiencing. The fusion 360 file was too large to upload, but if you are able to provide an email address I can share the file with a google drive link.


Please let me know if you experience the same issue when you try it on your system.


Greatly Appreciated,


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thanks for the video.  Yes, it could well be affected by the number of parameters, but I'm surprised that backspace would behave any differently than adding a character to the search string.  We can take a look.  I will DM you with my email address, but, in general, you can derive any ADSK email as  Appreciate you working with us to figure this out!


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Hi @jeff_strater 


I've shared the google drive link to your email. Please let me know if there are any issues downloading and viewing it. Also, please delete this file after you are done with it as it contains sensitive information.


For further information: when referencing parameters from the design workspace itself (dimensioning parts, etc) this phenomenon does not occur. I can search for different parameters, change characters and backspace all I want and there is no lag at all. It's just within the parameter popup menu's search function that this bug happens.



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thanks, @Dr_Karanassios_Lab_Group - I was able to reproduce the problem.  I've created FUS-121947 for this.  The good news is that I was able to find an old design of my own that also shows the problem, so I did not need to use your design in the bug.  I will delete your shared design from my system and hub.  Thanks again for your help.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Good Morning Jeff,


Have you guys had a chance to look into this any further by chance? I am back to working on this model and noticed that the problem still occurs. Just curious on when to expect an update.


Thank you very much,


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