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Selection Set crashes Fusion360

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Selection Set crashes Fusion360



I have the design of an optics mount that consists of 40 bodies. This I want to treat as a whole and now I am caught in multiple problems.


1. Selection Sets apparantly do not include groups of bodies? 

In order to maintain some clarity within my design I try to group the bodies of the mount. This works without any problem. Also creating a selection set of this group does work. However when using the moving/copying tool of Fusion this seizes to work. Quick fix is adding a selection rule of all of the bodies. It would however be nice to have working selection sets including groups. Am I missing something here?


2. Selecting selection set:

Now I created this selection set of multiple bodies. But although I only marked 40 bodies to be included, it shows 750 bodies in the selection set. Why?

Whenever I want to move the mount now, I use movement tool and click on the selection set. Fusion crashes without any error message.


3. Using the combination tool also does not work.

As a workaround I tried combining the bodies into one. Easier said than done, since most of the components I selected show up in the target body. Some are still left out even when trying multiple times.


I would be very thankful for any hints for each of the problems or for any advice on treating more or less multiple bodies at once. 







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