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Sculpting Advice Needed

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Sculpting Advice Needed



I've spent too much time on one single body trying to manipulate t splines into the shape I want, and now I'm losing sleep because nothing I try is working so I came to yall for help.




Here is the exact shape I'm trying to replicate:


Trident v1.png


It seems simple enough. Three tapered prongs with a little bulb where they meet. So first I created a box form and extruded and finagled it into just the main prong and bulb because I need the outer prongs to have a negative angle so I created another (boomerang-shaped) form as a separate body so I could rotate it to where it needed to be in the solid design space (because the rotation in the form workspace is unwieldy). But ultimately, this left a crease where I wanted a continuous line, and the boomerang was clipping out of the bulb, and the crease in the armpits needed a fillet (but I couldn't effectively fillet because the angle is too sharp).


Clipping 01.png


Now I couldn't simply edit the forms because I wasn't able to see how the end product would look since the two bodies were moved outside of the form workspace. So I tried this:


Blocky Trident.png


I tessellated the combined body and then repaired it with a blocky mesh repair. This shape would be exactly what I want save for the blockiness. In my head, this should be one step away from getting the smooth, exact shape I want. I just don't know what that step would be. So I tried compounding different combinations of fast repairing with different amounts of density (fine>coarse>fine, coarse>fine>coarse, etc.) and even tried throwing in reduces and remeshes. I always ended up with a really bumpy surface. So naturally I tried the smooth function, which either sharpened the whole model into toothpicks, or didn't smooth the surface enough.


Next I tried creating a plane in the form workspace and pulling it to the shape of the blocky body. This didn't work, probably because I don't know enough about topology. I kept running into areas where the surface of the plane on one of the outer prongs was intersecting weirdly with the planes of the main prong in the armpit area. So I gave up on that and tried starting over by creating a new form and matching it to the blocky mesh as best as I could. That's where I'm at now, and the problem is almost fixed but I think my problem comes down to a misunderstanding of how to edit forms. What I have is a shape that is almost there, but the whole thing needs to be rounded off a lot, and I can't figure out which edges or faces to manipulate and how to manipulate them into the shape I want.


Triden 4 View 01.png


ANY help is greatly appreciated.


P.S. the Trident file is the shape I'm aiming for, and the Gyarados v12 is the file I'm working on

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in reply to: zaqory

I did not try to precisely match that geometry, but modeled something similar looking from scratch starting with a quad ball.






Peter Doering
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in reply to: zaqory

Ok so that took you minutes which means I was right, it should have been very simple. Would it be too much to ask for a video of you modeling this?


Edit: oh I see. Using a quadball as opposed to a cube.

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Peter Doering

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