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Save copy as not working, component is not the same

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Save copy as not working, component is not the same


I have a design with a lot of components and subcomponents. I want to save a component with subcomponents to a new file so i can fiddle with it there without messing up my entire timeline. I want to 3d print part of the design and now that i have the dimension correct i want to combine all the subcomponents into one single body so i can get it ready for 3d printing.


When i save a copy as, the copy is not the same. Components are shifting, pieces are missing. I dont understand this at all. Its a simple save a copy as, and the saved copy is different. 


Hope someone can help me out. 


Greetings Tom 

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in reply to: tombergisch

I'm reasonably sure its because there are joints or capture positions that are lost when save copy-as is used. Can you export that component as an F3D? 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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i did use capture positions but always made sure to capture the current position. If i export it, the same error occurs. The fix for now is to just copy the entire file and thrash that timeline, so i can keep a vanilla file as backup.

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I have a sketch that depends on user parameters and a bunch of components that were made from that sketch. When I try to saveCopyAs from that file, the user parameters that are used in the sketch are not copied, the sketch is messed up and also the resulting part. See the minimal example attached. If you try to stave a copy of "Front Left", from the attached file it fails (at least for me).

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I have a similar problem, "save a copy as" butchers the part.


At least this isn't marked "Solved"

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in reply to: johnAMKDR

Could you please attach the file that you are having issues with.  If you do not know how to attach your Fusion 360 model follow these easy steps. Open the model in Fusion 360, select the File menu, then Export and save as a F3D or F3Z file to your hard drive. Then use the Attachments section, of a forum post, to attach it.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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in reply to: tombergisch

Hi There.


Has there been a fix with this yet? I want to copy a large assembly from one 'Master Model' into it's own model/assembly number. It copies with my complete history timeline but doesn't show anything. No warnings, no error codes at all. This is pretty annoying...

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I too am running into this exact problem.  I have nothing to add, as the issue sounds identical.  I hope a solution for this is found soon.

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