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Safety Factor 15 Throughout Simulation

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Safety Factor 15 Throughout Simulation

I am trying to run a simulation, but am running into an issue where my Safety Factor is 15 throughout the simulation. I have tried the simulation with multiple different fixed points, various locations of the force, the force applied to a vertex, face, and edge, and large values for the force. The model is a bone, so I attempted to create a new material that had the material of bone (image attached) but was also running into this issue when using the preset material of steel. Is there a reason for the high safety factor?


I am okay with using a preset material but would like for it to be closer to the material properties of bone and not steel if there is a material that exists. I have also gotten similar results with compression and torsion simulations as well but just showed the results of the 3-point bend test.

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No *.f3d file Attached here?


Safety Factor above 15 isn't shown as it isn't typically relevant or calculated.




Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


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in reply to: agepfert067

I understand it not being calculated but was more curious as to why the safety factor throughout the model was 15 instead of having different values at different locations. 

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Your femur is nearly 16 meters long...



...and completely solid nearly 2m thick?



I suspect that you used incorrect Units on import.

Can you Attach the original file here?

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