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Rotary Problem with Mach3 mill postprocessor

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Rotary Problem with Mach3 mill postprocessor

I am having trouble with my 4° axis, because fusion postprocessor for mach3 mill outputs negative angles, and my machine does not undertands that.

Like, a move to -90° shoud go to 270° but it moves back to 90.




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Mach3 is able to do both A90 and A-90 moves without any problems, depends usually on how you have the Rotational Properties set in your General Configuration, see image below for an example, it is set to move the shortest distance to the commanded position, so, if you wanted to go from A0 to A270 (Which is really A-90) then the setting shown will send the 4th axis the shortest route which will be A-90 so your code shown using the A-90 would work correctly. Hope that helps 🙂

Mach3 Rotational Properties.jpg


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The problem is that I already tried this configuration, on mach3, and it still dos not understand negative angles.

Is there some modification that I can do on Fusion to output the angles positive?

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Apparently, some mach3 settings require a reboot to start working, so after the weekend shutdown, my machine has now started recognizing the negative commands. Thank you for your help

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