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RESOLVED - Fusion 360 Service Outage (Aug 3, 2023)

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RESOLVED - Fusion 360 Service Outage (Aug 3, 2023)

All - as you may have seen, there have been intermittent service issues today impacting a variety of Autodesk products, including Fusion 360.


The situation is ongoing, but as of 11:20am PT we're starting to see some of the services recover, and our team is continuing to work on resolving the issue.  At this time Fusion 360 is still in an Offline state, but please keep an eye on the Autodesk Health Dashboard for the latest.


We understand the impact these outages have on you and your business, and appreciate your patience as our teams work to restore the services as quickly as possible.




INCIDENT REPORT (8/10/23) - Report covering the outage on 8/3/2023 has been posted HERE.



  • (2:05pm PT, 8/3/23) All service have been restored and are now fully operational.
  • (12:05pm PT, 8/3/23) - We are beginning to restore our services, and users will see Fusion 360 begin to go online.  Please note that not all users will be brought online at exactly the same time, so expect a small delay.  You can also try restarting Fusion 360 if it doesn't appear to be bringing you online automatically.



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in reply to: brianrepp

hello, i have just installed this product for personal use, it doesnt allow me to work in offline mode and just shuts down. is there anything i can do to get using the product in offline mode


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in reply to: brianrepp

Hi @liambinnie1 ,


Sorry to hear that you couldn't get into offline mode. Unfortunately that is the side effect of installing during the outage. However, the outage is now resolved (and for anyone monitoring the thread you can follow the health of all Autodesk products at ). 

Can you try launching and signing into Fusion 360 again @liambinnie1 ?



James Youmatz
Product Insights Specialist for Fusion 360, Simulation, Generative Design
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in reply to: brianrepp

The improvements haven't got to me yet, and I am beyond annoyed.


I was able to do some work until it is time to send a step file to my client.


I see that a new version of F 360 is ready to load. Dare I hope that there is an actual improvement, like being able to work locally?

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in reply to: James.Youmatz

14:45 CDT, the outage is definitely on, if I am to believe my copy of F360


And the link provided shows "monitoring progress" and lots of red.

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in reply to: brianrepp

@johnAMKDR looks like yours might be hung up, have you tried closing down and reopening F360?

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in reply to: brianrepp

All services are now back to fully operational.  Thanks again for your patience, and please let us know if you're still running into service issues following today's outage.

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in reply to: brianrepp

I didn't try closing since


your website still said there were problems




I figured I'd have less chance of loosing work if I waited for the outage to be over.

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in reply to: johnAMKDR

Seem to be having more trouble today! Anyone else seeing this?

Problems in Fusion and accesing my hub from a browser.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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in reply to: HughesTooling

Hmm, seems to be working for me 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Think I got Fusion and the cloud confused trying to delete a distributed design! Fusion's pretty bad trying to delete all the linked designs, it just gives up without deleting anything with an error about references.

I have 5 designs linked, see below. All uploaded from an FZ3 a couple of days ago, all still v1. Just need to delete from top to bottom. Selecting all in that order fails!


So I manually started deleting from top to bottom one at a time. When I got to the last design Fusion wouldn't let me delete it, Fusion then threw a bit of a wobbly and went offline. Tried to delete in the home startup page, same error, then tried in Chrome got the error in my previous post. Tried deleting the folder as that usually lets you delete distributed designs, still no go. 


Shut Fusion down rebooted PC still no go. Used a different PC and was able to delete the folder no problem! Don't know why Fusion and the cloud filing system is so bad when you select all designs in a distributed design it can't delete them in order.




Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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@HughesTooling your last post deserves its own thread.


The file management abilities of the data panel, the home screen and web interface all share one common theme. It is impossible to get a quick glance of the hierarchy and relationships between files, which makes it very difficult to delete distributed designs.


I cringe every time I download an assembly from a forum user for analysis. I usually create a folder to just host all the files associated with that downloaded .f3z. One would assume that we can delete just that folder when done, but that does not work either.

Peter Doering
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in reply to: brianrepp

FYI - Incident Report for the 8/3/2023 outage has been posted, and is available HERE.

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in reply to: brianrepp

Hello, my fusion 360 often shows this offline problem although i am connected to the internet mine doesn't say anything about outrage or like that just simply offline doesn't go online tried restarting both the pc and software it has been more than 3 days for this issue any solution?

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