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Render Settings not saving

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Render Settings not saving

Every time I open a design or change from render to design then back it automatically switches back from an orthographic view to a perspective view and then I have to change it back. It cannot be set in render preferences either. I am part way through about 30 assemblies to render in orthographic view and it is incredibly frustrating. 


Also, I have found that when I render and have a background as a solid colour set as default that it doesn't save the environment too. So when I open another assembly and select restore defaults I still need to go into the environment library and double click the selected environment (even if it is the current environment) so that it applies it. 

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in reply to: michaelASVN6

Thanks for reporting this. I can see that saved defaults are only available if you use restore defaults. This is backwards, and has been reported as FUS-150673. Saved defaults should be the default experience that appears when you enter the workspace.


Additionally, Orthographic camera should be saved with the other customized settings when "defaults" are saved.


Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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Thanks Phil!

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