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Render not honoring material texture's Brightness and/or Invert Image settings

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Render not honoring material texture's Brightness and/or Invert Image settings

I'm rendering a scene with an appearance material that I've edited. The original material was the built-in Polyurethane, and saved it as a Favorite and edited it by setting the Brightness to 10 and by checking the Invert Image checkbox. The result is a near-white material, and it looks correct in the Render viewport (and in the Design workspace), but the actual render turns out near-black (I'm doing local renders, in case that matters).




If I set the Brightness to 100, the preview in the Texture Editor is dark(er), but it then renders very light/white. So, either the preview in the Texture Editor is wrong, or the Render is wrong.

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Thanks for reporting this. We can reproduce the effect for a bug report to development. No ETA on a fix at this time.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: bassbonematt

@bassbonematt Thanks for reporting this issue!

We have investigated the problem internally and found that there's a limitation when rendering an Appearance having a Color setting to an Image with Invert Image option.  Based on project team's discussion and further investigation, fixing the problem fundamentally is risky, as several other products denpending on the rendering engine will be affected by such change. So to be safe, for now, we would like to suggest you following below three kinds of workarounds to mitigate the problem: 

  1. Remove the Invert Image option and select an expected image and then set it for color 
  2. Remove the Invert Image option and adjust brightness for the image 
  3. Remove the Image for color setting, and using Relief Pattern (Bump) to get the expected textured appearance. 

Would you please have some try in your side and see if these workarounds are helpful to your case? 

Thanks for the support as always!




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