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Remove versioning when viewing/hiding component

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Remove versioning when viewing/hiding component

I am new to this forum and tried to search this but could not find it. I know you can turn off the version update on close but this is a different issue.  Every time I view or hide a component (the little eye thing) in Fusion 360 a new version is created. This ends up being problematic since when I 3D print the two different parts I want the same version number for each part so I can keep adjusting and know which version worked the best but each time I hide each component a new version is made. So by the time I'm able to export each part there can be a 4 version number gap with no actual changes to the design.  Is there a way to disable this part of the version updating. 

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Use Save As Mesh to 3D print, or save as STL:

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 1.56.44 PM.png

This does not require saving the model, as it happens locally.  So, you can:

  • turn off components
  • Save as Mesh
  • Undo
  • turn off different components
  • Save as Mesh
  • Undo
  • etc.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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So I would do that instead of exporting as an stl file? Then it would be the exporting as an stl file that is creating the new version? I ask because if I am on version 10 when I open the design, I hide one component then export as stl. And while it’s exporting I see

“Design v11” complete and

“Design v10 First Part” (what I named the stl file) complete.

And when I hide that component and view the second component and go to export it I see “Design v12” complete

“Design v13”complete

Design v10 Second Part” (what I named the stl file) complete

And by the time I close the application it’s on v14. Like the act of hiding/viewing one of the components in itself creates a new version and then exporting creates another version. 

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Export is a cloud translation, which requires the design to be saved to your hub so that the cloud translators can then access it.  Save as Mesh all happens on your own machine, with the design in memory, and so does not require a design save, so no version increment.  Try it out.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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