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Remapping shortcut keys to mouse buttons

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Remapping shortcut keys to mouse buttons

Good evening,


I'm quite new to Fusion 360. I recently bought a mouse with extra buttons and now I am wondering if it is possible to map some of the shortcuts to these buttons? For example, it would be really helpful if I could carry out the "measure" command using one of the buttons on the mouse instead of the "i" key. 


The mouse is a Logitech mouse and I am running the Program on a MacBook. 





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Normally you would use the Logitech mouse application to assign commands to your mouse.  It either came with this application or you can download it from the Logitech website.

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John Hackney

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The challenge with "extra button" mice and keyboards is that those key inputs are generally only recognized by the device's driver, before being forwarded as a keystroke/click/event that the OS can recognize.


While a lot of applications support Mouse Button 1-3, and often 4/5, anything beyond that is not part of any interface standard; similar limitations exist with keyboards that have macro keys, too.


The workaround for this is generally to map those buttons to a function the OS can recognize, such as an existing key or button. An example of this would be binding "Mouse Button 26" to "s" so that both S on the keyboard and MB26 trigger the search box. If you were to unbind S from Search, MB26 would stop working, too, since you're now just mimicking an unbound hotkey.


Logitech Options software supports creating a custom profile for any executable, so you should be able to set up a highly customized set of mouse-based shortcuts, without impacting any non-Fusion workflows.

Lance Carocci
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Thank you for that helpful reply!

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