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REGISTRATION: Best Practice for Splitting Large Size 3d Prints

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REGISTRATION: Best Practice for Splitting Large Size 3d Prints

In the past I have tried lots of different way, all of them are non programmatic

eg Orca/Prusa etc offer cut the model, allowing connections to be placed on faces etc but all have a bug whereby checking the option 'Make Overhangs Printable', it fills the connections in as well.

Aside from this, its labourious and there are no snaps when placing eg dowels


I have also tried many youtubes on doing it in fusion but none touched upon the above in a detailed way and were just hacks. 

In fusion, the best way seems to make a patterned sketch whereby a line can slice the model and the plane can contain the boolean dowels but holes would be the cleaner option. However, unlike inventor, where you can specify what happens before the hole ie 2 sided cut, Inventor doesnt seem to allow this

It would also be good to use cones because when a print has a recess pointing up, there is no problem with overhangs


I would love to hear how others get around this issue?




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