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Rectangular Pattern Dialogue box issue

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Rectangular Pattern Dialogue box issue

My Rectangular Pattern dialogue box doesn't have all the options that all the tutorials have. I am a complete newbie to Fusion360, it would be really helpful if my computer had the same functions as the tutorials. Is there a setting somewhere I have missed?

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

So far, is working as expected, 

like most dialogues if you make selections the dialogues update.

Tutorial has selected the feature, you haven't.



Might help.

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

I have followed all the steps carefully, even religiously. What selection have I not selected because I have tried selecting all manner of edges and faces.

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

My last screenshots had the tutorial block with a feature selected. I have redrawn a block 1x1 this time and still come to the same roadblock. As you can see, both my view and the tutorial view have no selected faces or features but my dialogue box is missing direction etc. 

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

You want to pattern a feature.

Change the top line of the dialogue to Feature, (your pic has Bodies)

Feature/s are selected by clicking on the timeline icon.





Fusion 101, fill in dialogue boxes from top down.

To select a body in the pattern, click on the browser body name or the body in the window.


Might help...

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

yep, tried all of those, still getting my limited dialogue box

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

Ok, check Selection filters have all things ticked.

Check which environment you are in, 

Should have top toolbar icons as blue icon, and not Orange ones.

Right click on the bodies, and check they are Selectable - Unelectable will be written in the right click menu, it's a toggle.


If that fails, File > Export and attach to the next message. (Newby peeps can do unusual things that we don't think of)


Might help....

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Thanks again,
Still no success. Exported file attached
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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

No file, 

Click on the word "Browse" in the attachments section, to select it.




Might help....

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No file Attached.

Do you see a file attached?


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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

ok, trying again. Thanks

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee



Create > Pattern > Rectangular Patter, with blue interface icons.

check the dialogue box is set (default) to bodies.

Select the body in the window, will turn dark blue,

Select Direction, by clicking on an edge of the body (in this case) 


Until now there is no change in the dialogue box size, but after selecting the pattern direction, it expands to Extent (default) or you can choose Spacing.


Let me know which step is not working for you.

Orange top Icons would not work.

Sketch > Rectangular pattern should not be an option, make sure it isn't.


Might help....

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in reply to: PhilMcCoffee

Thanks for the screenshot

ok, I see axes is selected. (wasn't selected in the tutorial, but I'll wing it for now)

Selected axes and then clicked on an edge - I now have arrows and an expanded dialogue box with the directions etc.

I think my problem is solved, Thanks. I have managed to finish the tutorial video

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