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Random cloud file becomes broken, cannot delete or save as.

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Random cloud file becomes broken, cannot delete or save as.

Completely broken file, just randomly wouldn't save and the caution triangle sign on the cloud file popped up and hasn't gone away. If I try to save the document it won't let me and just keeps loading indefinetly. I can't save it as new at all, in a new folder or anywhere, can't delete it in software or in browser. Everytime I try to quit fusion it says 16 jobs paused but I can't delete them and they dont load either. Impacting me using the software. I got the models into a new file but this old file is making the rest of my fusion not work as well. Any advice? I did try the go offline and then online method*

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Hi, i've been having the same problem here since last week, no method has worked so far (eg deleting cache files).

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