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"Thicken" command?

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"Thicken" command?

What does the Thicken command actually do?


I'm asking because I have a complex geometry (lol - it's a basic single part) that Fusion insists on creating atomically thin at one end of the loft. There is no way to thicken it, pull it, etc, as "is too complex" or "It would create a large geometry change". Anyway, I stumbled across "Thicken", but it won't allow me to select anything at all, anywhere. I even drew a cube in a new design, and it still did nothing. The help is unilluminating.


Solid > Create > Thicken.


How does it work, and what on?

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Thicken operates on Surface bodies, and adds thickness to turn them into Solid bodies.  I think you want Offset Faces for this, but yes, if the geometry is too complex (it doesn't matter whether it is a single part or not, it is the geometry complexity that matters), Offset Faces is going to fail.


Offset Faces, Thicken, Shell, all use the same underlying algorithm to create offset faces from the selected ones.  So, if one fails, they will all likely fail.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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