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"My Appearances" Missing Textures

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"My Appearances" Missing Textures

Today logging into Fusion I found almost all of my saved appearances to be missing. I know I had about 100 textures saved in "My Appearances" when I left work on Friday, but now there are only a few handful left. Any idea on how to recover these textures? Quite a few of them took a long time to match to real world samples (mainly 3d wood, but also a lot of carefully applied bit maps). 


The textures seem to still exist in the models, but going through and resaving all of them would be a hassle. Attached is a screenshot of my almost entirely empty appearances folder. Friday of last week there was a folder for every category. Also of note: the textures that remain have to be downloaded again to be used. 


Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.26.28 PM.png

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I'm having the same issue and unfortunately I don't have a solution. My go-to custom appearances are gone, unless I go find them in whatever file they were originally used in and re-download them. Its an absolute obstruction to my workflow. This is just one of many bugs in Fusion lately that seem really unacceptable.

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