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Problems getting Support "Get Help" Pop Up window to connect

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Problems getting Support "Get Help" Pop Up window to connect

When I attempt to use the Get Help button on the lower right hand corner to connect to a support engineer the window pops up but gives me a Can Not Connect message... along with possible issues such as looking at my proxy settings.


just for clarification....  I am not using a proxy server


If I hit the reload button on that window it sometimes will clear that message and then pops up the round rotating circle... but that never goes away.


One other clue that may be related to this.... when I attempt to create public shared link on one of my Fusion drawing files that also fails... ( it pops up a window having me explain what I was doing at the time it crashed ) and then once I submit that fusion closes out completely and I have to restart it.

I don't believe it is successful in sending that error report.


Here is my Fusion 360 version info:

Fusion 360 2.0.17710 x86_64


I'm using a Windows 10 ( 64 bit )


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