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Problem with Fusion 360 and Windows 11?

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Problem with Fusion 360 and Windows 11?


There was a recent update for Fusion 360 and over the last week my PC with Windows 11 has been crashing (blue screen and restarts, event log shows "bugcheck error"). This morning there was notification within Fusion for an update and when I applied it, my computer immediately crashed and when restarted the fusion 360 was not installed any longer and did not show up on the autodesk access app. My subscription was recently renewed so should be up to date.

Anyone else have these issues or some ideas how I can sort it out?


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Good fay @salesMUBBN,


I had some issues with Autodesk software when I moved to Windows 11.

After a clean uninstall and reinstall the issues were resolved.

An alternative could be that something went wrong with the Windows 11 upgrade.

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Kind regards,
Pieter-Ben van Wyk

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