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Problem when exporting stl to Cura 5.3.1

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Problem when exporting stl to Cura 5.3.1


I have experienced a problem with german umlauts (ö, ü, ä) in the name of a body in Fusion 360.

When I send a body to a custom 3D print utility (Cura in my case) and there is an umlaut in the name of it, Cura does not show it in the slicer software. As soon as I remove the umlaut it works again. How long does it take to fix the problem ? It should not be a big problem and I hope this issue is fixed soon !

Thank you very much for your answer in advance !


Best regards



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Can other apps read the STL ok? Cura's been known to have issues with umlauts in things like filenames. I don't know the inner workings of an STL file. Maybe there's some encoding field Fusion's not setting correctly, but this feels more like a bug I'd take up with the Cura developers. 


E: I read about the format a little. You might try exporting binary vs ascii as they store body metadata differently. Maybe one path works better. Just a shot in the dark. 

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in reply to: ben.may82


Since Prusa Slicer accepts special characters in STL as well as in 3MF, the error is probably due to the import from Cura.



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in reply to: ben.may82

If I open an umlaut stl file with Cura via CLI in the terminal (macOS Ventura) (open -a "UltiMaker" "/Users/benmay/Downloads/Kämm.stl"), I have no problem, only the export in Fusion 360 to Cura seems to create the issue.

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in reply to: ben.may82

I no longer think this is a Cura bug.


For one, it doesn't happen on Windows. If it was a problem with the stls being junk, you'd think they'd be junk everywhere.


Second, on the odd chance that Fusion writes stl files differently if sent directly to Cura vs to the file system, I watched the file system to see where Fusion sticks its files before asking the OS to open them with Cura. It writes the stl to disk with an umlaut in the filename deep in bowels of /private/var. You can open -a those files no problem, so I think the actual files are fine. (and if you diff them, the files are in fact the same)


It seems to be a problem with how Fusion is asking the OS to open the file it lays down in /private/var. I dunno which API they're using on the Mac to open files, but some of them are picky about expecting strings in the "file system representation" and will do goofy stuff like this if they're not. 

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I think we are on the right track now. It must have something to do with the API they are using or with some string manipulation they are making with the path of the file or filename. 

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