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Problem converting twisted lofted body to sheet metal

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Problem converting twisted lofted body to sheet metal

I'm trying to make a twisted sheet metal body similar to the attached "Twisted base". As shown on the attached video, I did the following:

  1. Sketched control pionts in 3D
  2. Connected control points with a spline
  3. Placed construction planes at the control points
  4. Sketched center point rectangles (with rotation) on the construction planes 
  5. Extruded shell bodies from the end rectangles
  6. Lofted the sections together with tangent connections to the end bodies
  7. Stitched everything together
  8. Offset one face 0.00" to create a new body
  9. Thickened the new body 0.125"
  10. "Converted to sheet metal" the new body using the flat end face to establish thickness
  11. Tried to unfold all joints and gota  message stating that the selected entity is not connected to any bends.

Any help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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in reply to: 3acorns

Not possible in Fusion,

About step 7,

save as STL, 

Import file into Meshmixer.

Use Edit / Unwrap.

Export - to save the flat patterns.


Might help.....


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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Thank you for the response.

Can Fusion 360 be used to make the sheet metal flat patterns for the attached image of a twisted sculpture? How? If not, does anyone here know how to approach the design. What software would be best for this design?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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in reply to: 3acorns

You can produce the object in Fusion, but not get flat patterns from organic shapes. (Compound curves)


Current rules are constant thickness, with perpendicular faces, bends are cylindrical or conical.

Your workflow of zero thickness offset face, works when taken to Meshmixer.  Probably needs a seam at the base.


Might help....

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